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  • 4K Gangnam station in Seoul Korea
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    Gangnam. The area meaning “South of the River” made famous by the Psy song that everyone knows–even if they don’t want to!
    Reputed to be the more glamorous of the gu’s, the buildings are tall, the pedestrians are fast and the cab drivers worse than any other district in the city.

    Visiting Gangnam Station(강남역), it’s hard to get a sense of what to do and why this neighborhood is so famous.
    With crowds worthy of any metropolis, you could easily find yourself lost in the sea of office workers pouring out of the subway when quittin’ time hits. Connecting the Gyeonggido province to Seoul and serving as the meeting center for the Southern district of the city, The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs back in 2012 reports that Gangnam Station is the most popular subway station in South Korea. But with very few outstanding restaurants, and not too many landmarks, you really have to ask yourself: Where is everyone headed? And what makes the location so popular?

    Stay a whole day in Gangnam and you can see the transformation of the average Korean employee–putting on a smile for the company lunch and then loosing his tie for a drink at night. On a Friday, join as a group of friends rip up a burning Friday with grilled meat and soju.
    Life here is fast and everyone’s partying to keep up!

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