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  • Dear all

    Under the Imperial College Union's Web policy, any document or posting that is to be posted in this 'EVENT' folder must have an English translation.

    This is extremely important to follow because the web-site could be restrictced.

    Therefore, I advise that If you have posted anything in Korean without any translation, please add English translation or move it to other categories.

    Korean Society President

    Se Won Hwang

    The following e-mail is from Imperial College Union

    Further to my previous email you are reminded that all websites must have an English translation of anything which is posted.  Since my email on August 10th a further 4 articles in Korean have been added to your site, nor has any translation been made of other pages.  If this continues Scott Heath, the Union President, has the power to suspend your website according to the Union's web policy:

    40.   The President may also suspend indefinitely, all web facilities made available to the Club, Society or Project in breach of the terms of this policy.

    I hope to see a resolution to this soon.

    Best wishes,

    Monya Zard
    Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

    Imperial College Union
    Beit Quadrangle
    Prince Consort Road
    South Kensington
    London SW7 2BB

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